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Hi, my name is Raimonda. I am a fashion, brand and product photographer from Billund. I am in love with photography from 2013 🙂 And that LOVE is getting bigger and bigger. I came to Denmark almost 3 years ago with my family from Lithuania. Like many expats in Billund we came to Denmark because my husband started to work at LEGO. But the real reason was because we wanted to live in the country where lives the happiest people in the world 🙂
And we are very very happy here! I am still very surprised how helpful and caring are the Danish people. I very doubt that in any other country it would be possible to grow my business so smoothly and fast. In less than three years I had the chance to work with well known Danish brands as LEGO Group, LEGO Foundation, De 5 Gaarde, Naledi Copenhagen and Estate. I am very happy now with my own homestudio here in Billund and I am very grateful for my dear husband for believing in me! And my family for all support and for letting my dreams come true 😉
So for all new entrepreneurs and freelancers I can just say go out as much as you can, meet the people, talk and spread the word about your self all around you, that’s the only way to be noticed. All my first orders came from people I met in Network events and workshops. Networking is the most important thing by starting your own business. So go for it!
Good luck and have a wonderful day! 😉
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