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On Friday, 22nd of February, VEN hosted Czech Cook ‘n Talk. We had professional chef, Milan Dojacek, as a guest and his help James. Milan gave a hands-on cooking class in a fun environment, where guests could learn how to prepare the food and at the same time enjoy a beverage. The cooking class ended in a delicious sit-down meal, during which the 40 participants got to taste all of the dishes, that they helped prepare.

The three-course meal consisted of appetizers, a main dish, and a dessert. The appetizers were obložené chlebíčky or “garnished breads.” The main dish was Bramborák or potato latkes, stewed cabbage and roast pork. The dessert was Jablkovo-hruškový závin z listového těsta or apple and pear strudel.

This time we have tried to organise the event differently that how we did before. The guests had to either help in preparing the food or setting the tables and it was so much fun. 

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