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Hey everyone, my name is Dora (yeah like Dora the explorer) and I come from Croatia! I came to Denmark almost 5 years ago as a scared 18 year old and started school in VIA University College in Horsens. Since then I obtained my degree in International Sales and Marketing Management. When I first came here, I didn’t plan on staying, but shortly after, I met Rasmus and fell in love. Now we are engaged and live in Billund together with our doggie Zoe!
I also blog about my experiences in Denmark and my life as an expat on I feel so much better when I can write about my feelings because it gets really hard living away from your family and missing important moments. That’s why I’m trying to create my own little platform where I can just let it all out and where other people in the same situation can relate and not feel alone in those feelings.
If you want to follow up on my adventures, feel free to follow my personal account @dora.mlinaric

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