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Hi all. My name is Katherine. I’ve been in Denmark with my husband, Joe, for nearly four years. Joe came here to work for Lego. I came for the pastry and hygge. 😉

In the US, I have been a dancer for 20 years, and a bellydancer for the last 10. I was a familiar face on stages all around the Providence and Boston areas as a hafla, vaudeville, and restaurant dancer. I love the dynamics of a dance community and I enjoy both teaching and learning dance.

I’ve spent most of my time here in Danish sprogskole, because I am a gigantic language nerd who loves any kind of school. Simultaneously, I’ve been working as freelance journalist, English tutor, and amateur artist/creepy-poem-writer on my blog, Dissecting Muses (http://morvalor.wordpress.com). When I’m not doing any of those things, I love to scare the crap out of myself with horror and true crime books, movies, and podcasts.
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