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Last week on Friday, mothers and parents to be met to an info meeting under the title “the childcare system in Denmark”. Eva Hoppner suggested to create this event. She often been asked by other expats about which kindergarden is the best or what food the children eat at vugestue and she thought it will be helpful and informative if she will create this event.

VEN is the platform where if you would like to share your experience related with living as an expat you can contact us and we will help you to create an event that many others can benefit of.

There was an interesting dialog that was created. Some of the topic were about how to register your child to a kindergarden or a vuggestue, what clothing children wear and different other practical information about the activities that happen on a normal day at the kindergarden or vuggestue.

Eva shared a lot of informations with us as you can read above:

Information about the childcare system in Vejle Kommune

1. Link to the English website with information on the daycare system in Vejle Kommune (0-6 years)

This link also has a list of institutions where they speak English. At the bottom of the page, you will also find the contact details for Louise Nielsen from the Newcomer Service.


2. Link to the Danish website with information on vuggestues and børnehaves in Vejle Kommune (0-6 years)

The Danish website has a bit more information than the English one, for example on prices etc.


3. Link to the Danish website with information on dagplejes in Vejle Kommune (0-3 years)


4. Link to information in Danish on:

  • prices for vuggestue, dagpleje, børnehave and food
  • the different modules you can choose per week (25/35 hours/full time)
  • discount for siblings
  • financial support (see under økonomisk friplads) 


5. Link to the office in Vejle Kommune where they allocate children to different institutions (called Pladsanvisningen) – in Danish

Note that under each person’s name it says which are they are responsible for.


6. Link to where you can start the signing up process – but remember that you can call or visit Pladsanvisningen if you need help – in Danish




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