Pavel Herrera Duquesne – Cuba

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Hi my name is Pavel Herrera Duquesne.
I have been living in Denmark for 11 years now. When I first came to Danmark I got to learn danish right away, it was actually quite easy due to the other many languages I do speak. I came to the country because I am married to a dane.
Since I was a child I loved to dance and that’s the path I took, becaming a professional dancer and choreographer. When I moved to Denmark I realized this was not a dancing country, if you know what I mean( smile). I was missing my dance a lot until one day I got the oportunity to teach at Dansequilibrium. From that moment I have done many jobs with youngsters and kids, at schools, on big stages in Kbh, London, Berlin and off course in Vejle, until for 6 month ago, when I opened my own Dansestudio togheter with Rosalia Creme Peña – Creherr Dance Studio. This is now our space, the space we created and love, where we teach from salsa and hip hop to modern dance and many other styles. I really enjoy doing what I do and I enjoy as much as I did back in Cuba.


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