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Sofia’s story is just extraordinary and inspiring. She used her transferable skills to change her career path from IT in Portugal to Communications in Denmark. She was courageous and positive-minded to keep up her enthusiasm along the way. Take a look at her story and find out how she landed a job in Vejle.

What kind of professional life did you have before you moved to Denmark?

I was working as IT Project Manager in a company in Lisbon, where I come from.

How has your professional career developed since you moved here?

A lot of things have happened. Since it was a little harder than I had thought to find a job in my area when I arrived in Denmark 7 years ago, I changed my mindset, so I focused on using my transferable skills instead and have developed other skills since then by volunteering at VEN.

What are you working on currently?

I am currently working as a Communication Officer at work-live-stay Southern Denmark.

Has networking in VEN helped you to increase your network and develop new skills useful for your professional life?

Absolutely! I am actually one of the co-founders 😊 and it was through VEN that I met my actual employer. Networking is the keyword in Denmark and through VEN you can meet a lot of people. Being a volunteer at VEN I’ve developed new communication skills, that helps me in my professional life.

What would you recommend to internationals living in Vejle and the Triangle Region for achieving their professional goals?

First of all: Get out of home! Participate in every event you can and be a volunteer in an association. You can meet people and also practice your Danish. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone – sometimes we need to do that to succeed!


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