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When Romy Montano came to Denmark, struggled to find a job in Denmark, just as many internationals do. Nevertheless, after learning the language, expanding her network, and finding the self-confidence and motivation she needed, Romy could shape and create her own job within Education as a ‘dagplejemor’.

What kind of professional life did you have before you moved to Denmark?

I had a job as a pedagogical director, teacher and social project manager in a private school in Bolivia.

How has your professional career developed since you moved here?

When I moved to Denmark, I got the assessment of my studies and degree in Bolivia. And right away, I started looking for a job in a school or kindergarten. I really wanted to work as a teacher or teacher assistant. Unfortunately, my job search was not successful. At the same time, I learned Danish and focused very much on speaking it. When I felt confident with it (after 5 months I moved to Vejle), I decided to work as fitness instructor to teach zumba, family yoga and aerobics to elder people and students in schools and gyms in Vejle. Since then, I have worked in Falck, FOF, FysioDanmark and DGI.

What are you working on currently?

I was recently hired by ‘Vejle Kommune’ to become ‘dagplejemor’ and take care of children in my own home. So, now I am fully ready to start working with children between 1 and 2 years old. That has been my dream since I studied my Bachelor in Education. I have always wanted to work with small kids.

Has networking in VEN helped you to increase your network and develop new skills useful for your professional life?

VEN has helped me so much along these years. I have really found very helpful all the workshops and events VEN organizes. The contact with international and professional people, who are very ambitious and willing to develop new projects and ideas, has motivated me to create my own job. I also remember that last year in the VEN Annual General Meeting, Amira Saric, Business and Education Consultant from Sprogcenter Vejle, said that it was very important to learn the language to adapt to the Danish culture, but it was also necessary to not lose your own roots, personality and identity. That VEN event was decisive in my life here in Denmark, because it encouraged me to follow my dreams.

What would you recommend to internationals living in Vejle and the Triangle Region for achieving their professional goals?

First, I would recommend all internationals to learn Danish, even though they work in an English environment. I think it helps to understand the Danish culture and society. Second, it is so important to expand your network and be surrounded by optimistic and inspiring people who have ambitions and goals. Lastly, don’t be harsh on yourself; celebrate small wins. Take what life brings day by day, but remember also to plan ahead.

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