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Maria Lisiecka, as many other internationals, struggled a bit when she moved to Denmark. Nevertheless, after pursuing her studies, learning the language, and finding a gratifying job, she can now ensure that here is where she belongs. 

1. What kind of professional life did you have before you moved to Denmark?

Before I moved to Denmark, I was on maternity leave, having a break from my role as a junior SAP consultant.

2. How has your professional career developed since you moved here?  

Finding a similar job in DK was a struggle. I decided to focus on learning Danish, building up my network through VEN and raising my kids. In the meantime, I finished a Bachelor degree at UCL in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which opened up more opportunities in the labor market. This is how I found my first role as student assistant at my current employer, Solar A/S.  

 3. What are you working on currently? 

I am an IT Project Manager at Solar Group, a leading European sourcing and services company. Solar’s motto is “Stronger Together”, which I truly believe in – my colleagues from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland and the Netherlands are continuously proving it on a daily basis.

 4. Has networking in VEN helped you to increase your network and develop new skills useful for your professional life?

 Absolutely yes, this is one of the best things that has happened in my Danish life so far. Establishing this association and participating in the brainstorm sessions with people from all over the world has been a great  experience and helped me feel I belong here. It has also created opportunities to get to know Danes and Danish culture. This is how I have had my roots growing in the Danish soil. 

 5. What would you recommend to internationals living in Vejle and the Triangle Region for achieving their professional goals? 

If you struggle finding your place here, reach out to people. Join associations, become a volunteer at a local genbrugsbutik, help your elderly neighbors with grocery shopping. These little steps build mutual trust and open doors. I definitely recommend joining Vejle Expat Network, where you can share your experiences with many great people, get advice and tools to start your career and have loads of fun together.

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