The PartnerJob Programme in Sønderborg Kommune

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Nina Chatelain, VEN President, recently spoke with Louise Kolbeck, Partnerjob Consultant at Sønderborg Kommune’s Business and Newcomer Services, to find out more about their PartnerJob programme, which was launched about a year ago to help retain relocated families.

The ParnerJob Programme is not only targeted to internationals, but also Danes.

Since January 2019, about 100 people have used these services. According to Louise, around 80% of these are internationals. To date, the programme has had a good success rate.

The PartnerJob Programme is promoted via Newcomer Services as part of the information given to new residents in their welcome package. Local companies also notify their newly relocated employees about the programme.

Sønderborg Kommune is located at the border with Germany and has one of the five campuses of The University of Southern Denmark. This combination of international students and big, local companies like Danfoss, means that Sønderborg has quite a few international residents.

How does the PartnerJob programme work?

Although there is no set programme, all internationals are given an introduction to the Danish job market and the ground rules for writing applications and c.v.s. Each individual receives a tailored approach, and Louise checks in with each participant every 2-3 months.

Those with extra challenges finding a job can be referred to one of the two mentors who help by giving additional, individualised advice, sometimes drawing on their connections with local businesses, as well as their other contacts.

What are the biggest challenges for landing a job?

Typically, those who have most difficulty getting a job are people who have been out of the job market for a few years due to parental leave and/or the relocation of their family. Such a long break can mean that their qualifications and skills need to be upgraded and renewed. Louise often advises her clients to return to school, and/or find an internship, as well as learn how to build a local network as part of their job search strategy. In the Sønderborg area, many job openings are not posted, so learning the art of creating unsolicited, targeted applications is also essential to job-hunting success.

To find out more about this programme, here is a link to their website (in Danish)

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