Tips for internationals to land a job in DK

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Besides knowing more about the PartnerJob Programme in Sønderborg Kommune, Nina Chatelain, VEN President, also gathered some tips for internationals after her conversation with Louise Kolbeck, Partnerjob Consultant at Sønderborg Kommune’s Business and Newcomer Services.

Top 5 tips

  • Make learning Danish your number one priority even though there are small and medium sized companies who do business in English.
  • Join associations and other organisations to build a network. In Sønderborg Kommune, this is the best way to find a potential job opening since there are fewer job postings.
  • Volunteer to help build a local network and keep using and developing your skills.
  • Research potential companies that could be your future workplace.
  • Prioritise mastering the art of writing unsolicited applications to find a job more quickly.

Louise’s tips on writing unsolicited applications:

  • Do your research–read the website, LinkedIn page, and anything else you can find about the target company. What are their key values? What kind of keywords do they use?
  • Use the archive in Jobindex to search for any earlier job postings to find keywords.
  • However, don’t just copy these keywords into your application and c.v., but use them creatively. For example, instead of saying you are a ‘people person’, describe how you enjoy creating a good work environment.
  • Your application letter should be no more than one page.
  • The most important information in both your cover letter and c.v. should be at the top of the page. Remember that recruiters spend no more than 30 seconds evaluating an application.
  • Your c.v.s profile text should have a maximum of 3 main points–be specific and target your skills to show how they match their needs.
  • When appropriate, call someone to ask specific questions–but be prepared and don’t waste their time. Again, research.
  • Similarly, you can also use LinkedIn to write directly to key people, but be prepared and be specific.

What about coffee meetings?

  • These are only recommended if you are a naturally outgoing person and good at selling yourself—otherwise these can go wrong and not have the sought aftereffect.
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